Giving Astrology, Meditation And Tarot Online: How Olivia Bojorquez Runs Her Business Online While Traveling

tarot online mexico

It’s always fun featuring women digital nomads with interesting online businesses. In this interview, we chat with Olivia Bojorquez who runs her online business offering meditation classes, astrology and tarot readings to clients online, as well as performing in-person Reiki and organizing holistic workshops in cities she travels to. Can you tell us more about […]

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Are You An Online Entrepreneur? Here’s Why You Should Consider Philanthropy.

travel volunteer Philanthropy

Why Philanthropy Needs to Be at the Core of Your Business  In the digital nomad sphere, building relationships and making connections is everything. It is important especially if you are running your own business to be aware of the challenges you will face as a digital nomad. But one of the ways you can alleviate the challenges […]

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