Panama City

Panama City, Panama

Unofficially called the "Dubai of Latin America", Panama City is a multicultural place with friendly locals, urban skyscrappers, colonial-era landmarks and bougainvillea-filled plazas lined with cafes and bars. Gentrification, restoration and UNESCO World Heritage Status have turned the historical Casco Viejo neighborhood into one of Panama City’s hippest places to be.

The city is popular with American retirees and expats, which has resulted in a rising cost of living such as high rentals and expensive food especially in popular areas. Panamanian food reflects the multiculturalism, and is a mixture of African, Spanish, and Native American, with corn being the main ingredient in most dishes.

There is a likely possibility that women digital nomads will encounter some harassment from men due to the culturally macho mindset – horn honking, kissing noises, and whistling. When you are on the road, dress conservatively - Panamanian women tend to wear pants or long skirts, and you should too. As with every big city, mugging and theft are common in Panama City. Avoid the known high crime areas such as the city of Colon, El Chorillo, Santa Ana, Curundu and San Miguel.

There are only two seasons in Panama City, the dry season from December to mid March, and the wet, or "green", season from mid March to mid December. Try to avoid the month of November, when there are many national holidays. You'll find that many shops are closed, hotels are fully booked by locals, plus it rains all the time.

Coworking Spaces in Panama City



Casco Viejo, Calle 5ta hacia el mar (la calle de La Casona)

Where to stay in Panama City

Los Mostros Hostel

Los Mostros Hostel is a good hostel in which to spend a night or two while in Panama City. It is located in a safe - albeit not a very interesting - neighbourhood. It is a social hostel, and mostly clean.

Novotel Panama City

A clean and nice mid range hotel in San Juan Del Sur town.

Cafes with wifi

Tours & Activities in Panama City

Skydive Tandem in Panama City

Jump from 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) over Panama City on this tandem skydiving or parachuting adventure. While strapped to a certified instructor, feel safe knowing that you are being guided by an expert through the whole jump, from exit to landing. Free fall above the city, pilot the cloud canopy and get spectacular aerial views of the surrounding landscape. Check reviews, dates and prices, etc.

Panama City: Historic Museums Tours

Get an overview of Panama City's museums with this cultural tour. Through visits to 3 museums, including the Interoceanic Canal Museum, the Museum of History and the Museum of Biodiversity, get a comprehensive picture of the country's culture, ecology and traditions. Learn about the flora and fauna of the country, the role of the famous canal and many aspects of the country's history from your local guide. Round-trip transportation from Panama City hotels is included. Check reviews, dates and prices, etc.

Hidden Waterfall Hike From Panama City

The hiking trail goes through the forest giving you the opportunity to observe Panama’s incredible bio-diversity. After the hike you will have lunch in a small Panamanian style restaurant and taste of the local flavors. The hike to the waterfall takes on average 1.5 hours each way, it is possible to do for most people in good physical conditions. Check reviews, dates and prices, etc.

Places to exercise

Steps Gym

Steps Gym

Well stocked gym with cardio and weight machines. Many classes available, including dance, aerobics, pilates and spin classes.


Running along Avenida Balboa

A coastal strip that begins at the Hard Rock Café and ends at Casco Viejo. There are plenty of runners, walkers, and bikers using this path.


Casco Yoga

A yoga studio and health center in the heart of Casco Viejo.