Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a small coastal town in Caribbean Costa Rica in the province of Limón, and has a blend of Afro-Caribbean descendants, expat Europeans and indigenous Costa Ricans. It consists of 6 small towns that run along a long flat road next to the Carribean sea, surrounded by lush green forests. Puerto Viejo is popular with surfers, drawn to the famous Salsa Brava waves and have made Puerto Viejo a hotspot on the surfing circuit. Other travelers are attracted by the clear water, coconut palms, buzzing night life, great surf and a laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. Rastafari culture has a firm foothold in the town, and many Rastas sell handmade jewelry and other wares along the town’s vibrant roadside.

Women digital nomads should take the usual travel precaution in Puerto Viejo. Avoid walking down the main road after dark - there are long stretches of complete darkness and you become quite vulnerable. Instead, have a local business call you a taxi at night. It is also recommended that you avoid the beaches after dark, unless you are with a large group. The beaches are surrounded by lush jungles which keeps it very dark and the waves drown out all sounds. Break-ins do happen so keep your valuables in the safe provided by your hotel/guesthouse. As Puerto Viejo is surrounded by jungles, you would want to take precaution against the mosquitoes, tarantulas and all kinds of insects and wild animals.

The most consistently dry months are February to May and September to October. There's a moderate chance of hurricanes or tropical storms making landfall along the town's coast. To minimize your risk of being in Puerto Viejo during a hurricane, avoid traveling between June to November.

Cafes with wifi

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Places to exercise



Bike rentals can be found everywhere, for around USD5-6/hour.



Playa Cocles and Playa Grande have beach breaks more suited for beginners, while the massive Salsa Brava is only suitable for expert surfers.


OM at Cashew Hill

The first and most popular yoga studio in Puerto Viejo.