San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Located in Southwest Nicaragua on the Pacific Coast, San Juan Del Sur (or SJDS for short) is a small town with a party reputation. This is a surfing hub, and many travelers use SJDS as a hub to surf, party, and to explore nearby beaches. Its proximity to the Costa Rican border makes it easy for you to do visa runs.

Internet is widely available in San Juan del Sur so you shouldn’t have to do much hunting around for it. Most hotels, hostels and an increasing number of restaurants offer Wi-Fi for guests.

This is a popular tourist destination, hence it is also the most expensive area in Nicaragua. However, it is still much cheaper than neighbor Costa Rica. Accomodations can be had for USD10-25 a night or USD150 a month, while local food cost USD3-5 and western food around USD5-10. Power outages are common (around one day a week), and internet speed is not the fastest, although many cafes and hotels offer free wifi.

Avoid the beach at night, hanging around the nightclubs or loitering in less trafficked parts of town.

The best time to visit San Juan Del Sur is from November to March, which is the dry season. April to May is the hot season, and June to October is the rainy season. If you plan on surfing, the best time to visit is from May to December.

Where to stay in San Juan Del Sur

Hostal Brisas y Olas

This place is a popular family run guesthouse that is usually fully booked. Located right in town, 2 blocks from the central market, 2 blocks from the beach.

El Coco Azul

A clean and nice mid range hotel in San Juan Del Sur town.

Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa

The ultimate luxurious stay and the nicest place in San Juan Del Sur town. Rooms come with kitchenette and there is a spa onsite.

Cafes with wifi

Places to exercise


Fight Club Gym

Besides an open gym, weekly classes include boxing, Cross Fit, strength training, Muay Thai, and HIIT.



Surf lessons and rentals are everywhere, average around $10/day for rental and roughly $25/lesson.


Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga is the main yoga studio in San Juan Del Sur town. The studio also has a raw organic café.