Tehran, Iran

A bustling metropolis of 14 million people, Tehran is the political, economic and cultural capital of Iran. Clogged with traffic and choked with smog, it's not the most immediately inviting of Iran's cities. From ancient artefacts to modern art, Qurans to carpets, Tehran is home to the best of Iran's museums and galleries.

Iran does have a strict dress code, so do not forget to pack a headscarf in your hand luggage. You MUST be wearing this the moment you exit the plane and are officially in Iran. You must wear a headscarf the entire time you are there (except when in your hotel room) and loose clothing that covers your body. You don’t have to wear a burka or anything that fully covers you. Once in the city, you will find that more liberal Iranian women let their headscarves drift back over stylish hairdos - a petty but pertinent sign that Islamic restrictions are not to everyone's taste. At the same time chador-wearing women make their own unmistakable statement. Contrary to popular belief, black clothes are not required. Many women wear the brightest hues you can imagine.

The media has potrayed Iran as a terrorist drive, anti-American, burka-wearing society. While there are rules to follow, general travel is safe. Undoubtedly, the most outstanding characteristic feature that sticks to your mind is Iran’s people. They’re warm, friendly and very good hosts.

For digital nomads, Tehran poses a few problems with regards to the daily work necessities. The internet in Iran is not in a good condition and high speed, connections aren’t stable and you can expect dropouts times during your browsing session. You should plan on relying on your 3G connection via a SIM card instead. You should also install VPN apps (both on your laptop and smartphone/tablet) before getting to Iran. Although the startup scene in Tehran is booming, there are no coworking spaces for traveling digital nomads at the moment.

Cafes with wifi

Need a place to work? Check out these cafes with wifi.

Places to exercise

Tehran Gym

Extreme Fitness

Due to religious sensitivities (women are barred from exercising with men), there are many women-only gyms in the city.


TNT Sport & Spa

Luxury womens-only gym.


Zendegi Complex

Womens-only gym in the business district.