Are You An Online Entrepreneur? Here’s Why You Should Consider Philanthropy.

Why Philanthropy Needs to Be at the Core of Your Business  In the digital nomad sphere, building relationships and making connections is everything. It is important especially if you are running your own business to be aware of the challenges you will face as a digital nomad. But one of the ways you can alleviate the challenges […]

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My Thoughts On Why Introverts Make Great Digital Nomads

I’m an introvert. According to most widely-understood definitions, that means I gain my energy from time spent alone, and I’m drained by social situations and interactions. Introverts come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but that need for “recharging” in solitude is the common denominator. So, how do we fit into digital nomadism? Traveling the […]

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Making Remote Work: Ask DuckDuckGo About Being A Digital Nomad Q&A


This Q&A is brought to you by DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track you. We protect your search history from everyone – even us! DuckDuckGo is currently hiring Software Engineers, Product Designer, Site Reliability Engineer.   Many people have questions about my life abroad after coming home from three months of traveling as a […]

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