Digital Nomads Guide to Guanajuato, Mexico

Digital nomad guide to Guanajuato

Guanajuato is not only one of the most historic and beautiful cities in Mexico, it is also one of the safest. This cozy mountain town is known for it’s brightly colored homes and shops that line the narrow cobblestone streets. While this iconic landscape has enticed tourists from all over the world, it has also […]

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The Digital Nomads Guide To Penang, Malaysia

Digital nomads guide to Penang

Popular for its street food, colonial architecture, commissioned street graffiti, and for being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Penang is slowly gaining popularity with digital nomads looking to explore beyond Bali or Kuala Lumpur. As the second largest city in Malaysia, Penang has a relaxed island vibe yet is still a developed city with plenty […]

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The Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta 1

Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta Tired of the Jakarta traffic or of the tourists in Bali? Yogyakarta might be the happy medium you’re looking for in Indonesia! A city of half a million people, Yogyakarta has a range of accommodation options, cafes with reliable wifi, a variety of delicious eateries including great veggie options, and […]

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