Technophobe Nomad’s Guide to E-commerce & Selling Online

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Selling products online, whether that’s handcrafted jewelry, or premium pet products, isn’t for the fainthearted. Order processing, customer service, social media — it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the endless whirl of to-dos and unexplained error messages. But fear not — you don’t have to be a tech ninja in order to run a successful […]

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The Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta Tired of the Jakarta traffic or of the tourists in Bali? Yogyakarta might be the happy medium you’re looking for in Indonesia! A city of half a million people, Yogyakarta has a range of accommodation options, cafes with reliable wifi, a variety of delicious eateries including great veggie options, and […]

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