My Thoughts On Why Introverts Make Great Digital Nomads

why introverts make great digital nomads

I’m an introvert. According to most widely-understood definitions, that means I gain my energy from time spent alone, and I’m drained by social situations and interactions. Introverts come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but that need for “recharging” in solitude is the common denominator. So, how do we fit into digital nomadism? Traveling the […]

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Does Being A Digital Nomad Mean Loneliness?

Digital Nomad Loneliness

Meeting interesting people is one of the best things about constant travel. You’ll find that long term travelers and even those who take quick little holidays always have a story to share about who they’ve met on their adventures. However, digital nomadism or any long term traveling can be a lonely endeavour for stretches of […]

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