Giving Astrology, Meditation And Tarot Online: How Olivia Bojorquez Runs Her Business Online While Traveling

It’s always fun featuring women digital nomads with interesting online businesses. In this interview, we chat with Olivia Bojorquez who runs her online business offering meditation classes, astrology and tarot readings to clients online, as well as performing in-person Reiki and organizing holistic workshops in cities she travels to.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m originally from Mexico and have been living in different cities around Mexico since I graduated from university. I am trained as a graphic designer and used to work in ad agencies then became the head of design for a huge company in Mexico City.

I’ve always loved the idea of exploring more of the world but only became aware of the digital nomad lifestyle after meeting my partner, who is a digital nomad from another country.

Now we both live as digital nomads and we are currently back in Mexico City. The plan is to head to Asia beginning of 2019 so that is exciting!

What do you do for work now?

I’m a certified Tarot reader and astrologer and I run an online business where I offer tarot or astrology readings to clients via Skype, as well as meditation audio classes online. Right now, I am also working on launching my first Tarot online course which is exciting because it is the first time I am creating an online course!

Occasionally, I continue to work with clients on design projects - logos, graphics, etc. I still love designing and in fact all of the designs on my website and social media channels are designed by me.

Besides my online work, I also offer in-person Reiki, meditation classes, and workshops in the different cities that I travel to. Because we travel slowly, I am able to build a following and clientele in each city.

Did you face any obstacles becoming a digital nomad?

My parents were and still are doubtful about my decision to quit my job as a head of design to run my own business online while traveling.

I struggled internally with the concept of making my passion into a real business. Back when I used to work in design, I would offer my Reiki or Tarot services at a very low price because I was doing it as a side passion project. Now that I’ve made it my only source of income, I had to change my mindset and put more value into the help I am offering my clients.

What made you consider becoming a digital nomad?

My partner. She has been a digital nomad for 2 years when we met, and she was the one who convinced me that I did not need to work in an office in order to make a living.

What is the best thing about living and working remotely?

I get to set my own hours and have the time to cook each meal. Back when I used to work in an office, I started work at 8am so I would leave the house at 6am (horrible traffic in Mexico City), have lunch at 3pm, and return home at 8pm.

It was horrible. Now I get to wake up, have healthy meals at home with my partner, and I have time to mediate or go out during the day.

What is the most difficult part about being a digital nomad?

Trying to fit everything into 2 backpacks!

For example, I work with crystals and rocks for my Reiki practice so I NEED to travel with them. My partner thinks I’m crazy lugging around rocks in my backpack.

I also like dressing up but since I can’t travel with my entire wardrobe, sometimes I complain about not looking as pretty as I used to when working in an office 🙂

What advice do you have for those who want to find a job like yours?

You’ll first need to attend courses to learn the skills required to become an astrologer, Reiki master, or a tarot reader. I’ve spent years getting certified and am still continuously attending new courses!

Being passionate is also important, regardless of whatever career you choose.

Lastly, think like a marketer. My partner, who is an entrepreneur and marketer, has taught me so much on this. You’ll want to stand out from the crowd and really know who you are targeting.

Follow Olivia on Instagram and her website.

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