Scott’s Cheap Flights Review: Finding Super Cheap International Flights

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It is not easy finding cheap airline tickets, that was until I found out about Scott’s Cheap Flights. In a nutshell, Scott’s Cheap Flights is a service that seeks out super cheap flights/mistake fares and emails them to you. The website states that you save an average of $607 per ticket, which got me interested instantly.


Signing up for the free version instantly gives you access to flight deals. Click Here to learn out more and to sign up!

I started with the free version but am now paying for the premium version of the service, which cost me less than a cup of coffee a month. I’ve been impressed with the deals I’ve been receiving, and in my opinion the money is well spent for the premium service.


As a premium subscriber, I get access to all the deals whereas free subscribers only receive 1/3 of the deals. I also get the email alerts 30 minutes before the free subscribers, which is great because the really good deals sell out fairly quickly.


The deals are typically for 6-12 months out, so I have many months to prepare to move on to the next city. I was also able to personalize my preference and select the regions I’ll receive flight deals about. I’m signed up for the East Coast email list, and I average between 1-3 deals each day.


You’ll notice that these fares are only available anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so you will have to decide quickly. The deals are for international flights only, and large airports like NYC may receive over 30 deals per month, while just a few cheap flights may pop up for smaller airports.

The one thing to note before signing up is that Scott’s Cheap Flights currently only covers flight deals departing from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you’re not based in these locations, you’re probably not going to get much use out of Scott’s Cheap Flights main service.


I’m really loving Scott’s Cheap Flights and I love getting emails just about every day with a great deals. I’m signed up for the Premium version and unlike other sites, Scott’s Cheap Flights don’t get any commission if you book a flight. As a result, they only send out genuinely good deals.


Signing up for the free version instantly gives you access to flight deals. Click Here to learn out more and to sign up!

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