Here’s why we love Tibba, an app that allows people access to exchange skill set


Maybe it is just the hippie in me, but the idea of a barter system has always been appealing. This is why I was so excited to hear about the launch of Tibba, an app that allows freelancers, professionals, stay-at-home parents and everyone else to exchange skills and services – from photography to yoga training – without having to dig into their pockets.

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Erica Werneman and Yasmine Akermark founded Tibba after a long road-trip through the United Arab Emirates and Oman. It’s also where the app got its name – they mistook Dibba for Tibba, and the name just stuck. They had long conversations and debates during this long road trip about the things that truly matter — happiness, life ambitions and opportunities. Experiences, not things, make us happier - an idea most of us digital nomads believe in. That, coupled with the tough economic climate that has businesses cutting costs, became the foundation for the app.

I love Tibba because it lets you imagine a world where you could get anything that you want just by simply helping others. While all of us still need money to survive and function in society, it is the emphasis that the currency of helping others is now more valuable than the currency of money.

Tibba just finished their successful Kickstarter campaign and has first rolled out in Dubai, before rolling it out later this year in other cities around the world, including London, Barcelona, Bali and Shanghai. The basic services will be free, other services – such as adding insurance for businesses and allowing users to access services offered by users in other communities when they travel – will come at a premium fee.

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