Top 3 Cafes In Merida For Digital Nomads

Merida, Mexico, has changed over the past couple of years. Buildings in the historical center have gotten a new paint-over, and new cafes have sprouted up all over the city.

After having spent a couple of days working out of different cafes in Merida, here are our top 3 work-friendly cafes in Merida we enjoyed working out from.

Tlahuasco Cafetería Centro

Tlahuasco Cafetería Centro is located in the historical center and close to the main square. We spent a morning working from this cafe and found the wifi to be fast and steady. There were also plugs available which made it possible for us to work for long hours. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as desserts and frappes.

Calle 62 429b, Centro

Mon - Sat, 8am - 6pm

Bengala Kaffeehaus

We had to do some work on Sunday morning and not all the cafes in Merida were opened. Chancing upon this cute little cafe in the historical center, we decided to work here for a couple of hours.

This coffee house serves great coffee and food, but more importantly, it has great wifi, plugs and a comfortable working atmosphere. While we were there, we also saw others working on their laptops.

Entre y 55, Calle 60 53, Centro

Mon - Sun, 7am - 11pm

Café Sukra

Located along Paseo de Montejo, Café Sukra has both a nice outdoor terrace seating area as well as an indoor seating area. They serve excellent coffee and their staff are friendly, so you can spend all afternoon using the internet and sipping a coffee. If you visit on a Sunday, note that they might have live music when the bici-ruta (bike route) is taking place.

The wifi works well here, and you should definitely choose to sit indoors if you need to plug in or need a place to hide from the hot afternoon sun.

45 y 43, Paseo de Montejo 496, Centro

Tues - Sat, 8am - 9pm

Sun, 9am - 2pm

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What is your favorite work-friendly cafe in Merida? Let us know in the comment below!


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