Want to write for one of the leading digital nomad and location-independent travel websites? We're looking for articles on digital nomad city guides, personal stories on being location independent, tips, and top 10's. Please read the guidelines below before submitting your ideas.

What We're Looking For

Your article should fit into one of these categories:

  • City Guide: About the city, what to do, co-working spaces, digital nomad-friendly cafes. Insights useful for women digital nomads. Your personal experience traveling or living in this city as a digital nomad.
  • Personal Stories On Becoming A Digital Nomad: Features on becoming a digital nomad.
  • Relevant Tips For Digital Nomads: Advice for women digital nomads, based on personal experience. Product pitches will be ignored.
  • Top 10's: Give us your top recommendations for things or places relevant to our community. Must include detailed explanation and a high-res photo of each recommendation. Product pitches will be ignored.

​Please note that Women digital nomads is an inclusive community. 

We share diverse stories ​that feature and include women digital nomads of all ethnicity, nationalities, religions, ​​and sexuality.

​We do not publish articles that might discriminate against any groups of women.

Please note that failure to adhere to the writing guidelines will result in exclusion of your article from publication

  • Your pitch should include a summary of what you want to cover and an estimate of the length (our articles are typically 700 to 2000 words long).

  • ​Make sure to include a bio for the bottom of the post with all your social media accounts.

  • ​All links are no-follow, with no exception.

  • ​We DO NOT accept posts that are advertising in nature or written specifically to drive traffic to a particular site. 

We strongly urge you to read several past blog articles to get an idea of what we are looking for. Women Digital Nomad gets hundreds of submissions and only publish the ones that would matter the most to our audience.

You must submit your pitch by clicking on the button below. We do not accept pitches by email. We are only able to inform those whose pitches have been accepted.

What We're NOT Looking For

  • We only accept guest posts that are original and have not published anywhere else online (we do our due diligence to make sure that all articles are original).

  • Random travel stories not relevant to being a women digital nomad. There are other travel websites for these.

  • Email pitches will be ignored. Click the button above to fill in the pitch form.

  • Any content that is discriminatory.

​Important Note If You're Pitching Us

Due to the high number of pitches, ​we apologize that we are unable to inform you if your pitch has been rejected. Please email us if your ​article has been accepted elsewhere and you would like to withdraw it from consideration​.

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