​The best guide around to living & working remotely as women digital nomads.

Women Digital Nomads is built by our community to help all nomads, especially women, find the best cities to live and work remotely, learn new skills and be inspired by others.

Most of the digital nomad/travel guides and advice out there are geared towards our male counterparts. Here, you'll find city guides with tips on safety, women co-working spaces and ​work-friendly cafes, and much more to help you stay safe on the road while living the lifestyle of your dreams!

The Story Behind Women Digital Nomads

​​Chrys Tan ​is the creator of Women Digital Nomads. She started this website and our community because when she ​decided to become a digital nomad in 2016, she realized that there wasn't much information out there for women who were digital nomads.

And so she decided to create a resource that can benefit many other women digital nomads.

​Today, Women Digital Nomads is one of the top resources for any women looking to travel and live the location independent lifestyle.

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