10 Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling (Advice From A Digital Nomad)

Traveling is the perfect way to reset and refresh, but this doesn’t have to come at the expense of scrapping your fitness plans altogether.

As a fitness fanatic and digital nomad, I’ve experienced too many challenges while attempting to maintain a somewhat regular sweat routine while traveling to different cities. Try these 10 easy tips that I use to stay fit while traveling:



1. Commit It, Don’t Quit it

Afraid you’ll bail on your well intention plans? Put it in writing.

A commitment in your calendar is a promise to yourself, no matter what fair-weather frivolities pop-up. Be clear of your goals before you go and revisit your intentions each day of your trip.

Set a goal to exercise for a certain number of days while you’re away and kindly reward yourself with a regional sweet or shopping spurge at your travel destination if you make the mark.


2. Buddy System

If you’re traveling with other people, you most likely chose accommodations and attractions together, so why not fitness activities?

Forge your bonds by staying in motion – sweat with your travel companions! Find fun, affordable exercises that serve everyone’s needs and you’ll be more likely to get moving while on vacation.


3. Take a Class

Research gyms and fitness classes in the area to find something new and novel. Lots of places offer the first class for free, so circulate across different fitness classes for a range of motion.

Travel is all about adventure so this is the perfect time to try something new – get in on that dance or weightlifting class you’ve been too timid to try at home.


4. Download Fitness Apps

You’re tired, you’re fried, and you don’t want to think about it. I get it. So let your smartphone do all the thinking while you do all the sweating – try fitness apps that you’re excited to give a spin.

FitPlan app allows you to follow the exact fitness plans of the world’s top athletes and I’m a huge fan of CODY. FitStar, JeFit and SworkIt are smartphone apps where you can build custo workout plans.


5. Follow Along Online

If apps aren’t your preference, consider all the free fitness workouts available on YouTube.

Whether your activity of choice is cardio, toning yoga, or stretching, I guarantee you’ll find a channel and video that is aligned with your goals. Remember to bookmark the links before your trip so they are readily available.

Need a few ideas? Blogilates, Christine Salus and FitForceFX all have different types of full-length workout videos.


6. Memorize Your Fave Routines

I know internet connectivity may be an issue so apps or YouTube videos may not be the best fit.

Instead, note down a few key exercises and circuits that you’ll be able to burst into anywhere, anytime and memorize these so the routines are akin to breathing air.

Burpees, jumping jacks, squat jacks and squat jumps will all have you breaking a sweat in your hotel room  in no time and helping you stay fit while traveling.


7. Do It in the Morning

Afraid there’s simply too much to do on your trip? Get up before the crack of dawn and squeeze in a workout in before a big day of exploration. You’ll feel refreshed and see your surroundings in a whole new light.


8. Bring Your Own Equipment

My advice to all traveling fitness fiends is pack portable pieces of key equipment. I cannot tell you how many times a traveling yoga mat, resistance bands or an inexpensive jump rope has come in handy.


9. Fun Freebies


No hotel gym, no problem – your surroundings are the perfect way to stay trim. Run those epic museum stairs, climb the local hills and mountains.

Traveling can be the perfect way to revamp your exercise routine and (literally) see the sweat life in a whole new light so if you’re prone to always lifting weights, this may be the perfect opportunity to switch things up with jogging or hiking.


10. Walk (Or Bike) Everywhere

On that note, forget cabs, resist Uber, and don’t cave in renting a car.

Walk as much as you can. It’s free, it slows you down to see the sights, and you engage with the locals as you go. Oh yes, and you stay fit (obviously).

If your destination is bike-friendly, don’t be scared to rent a bike to see the sights.

Afraid of looking too sporty apres-walking? Carry your cute shoes in your purse for a quick swap at your final destination. Et voila – fit and fashionable.


Stay fit while traveling

Travel may be synonymous with frivolous fun but this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your entire fitness routine. Incorporate exercises into your fresh surroundings and you won’t feel like you sacrificed rest for wellness.

Take this travel time as the space for you to celebrate your health and wellness journey. You’re your own precious cargo. Handle yourself with care, fitness goals and all.


Get Your Travel Insurance

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Alice is a Digital Nomad and the Founder and Managing Director of Pivot Six, a remote agency of marketing and creative professionals. When she’s not busy learning Spanish, working out or traveling, she runs Love Your Mornings, an inspirational space to help people discover and develop morning rituals and routines.

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