Women Digital Nomads Insider: The Only Digital Nomad Membership You’ll Need

​As a digital nomad and location independent ​Facebook marketing agency owner, I've come to rely on numerous brands, tools and services that help make my digital nomad lifestyle more fun and easy.

Things like mixing things up and ​working at coworking spaces or ​joining digital nomad groups to meet other location independent entrepreneurs.

​When I first launched Women Digital Nomads back in 2016, it was to provide a "Lonely Planet"-esque guide for us women digital nomads.

3 years ago, there wasn't a lot of information for women who wanted to live a location independent life. Most of the websites were catered for male digital nomads.

3 years later, I have decided to launch our brand new membership, Women Digital Nomads Insider.

Women Digital Nomads Insider is your ​​membership ​to ​discounts to an ever-growing resource of tools and services you need to make your digital nomad life more fun and easy.

​With this membership, you'll now have lifetime access to discounts for coworking spaces, coliving accommodations, remote work trip programs, onward flight ticket services, and so much more.

Why I'm Launching A Digital Nomad Membership​

​Several digital nomad friends asked me why I'm launching a membership to discounts instead of an online course or a digital nomad forum.

​There are many reasons why I've decided to launch a discount membership instead of the alternatives, and one of it is because no other digital nomad brands have one.

As an entrepreneur, I don't want to copy what others are doing. When others zig, I zag. When others were creating digital nomad blogs, I created a lonely planet type website. 

Another reason is because I don't want to teach people how to become a digital nomad. Kudos to those who do, but that's just not my thing. I don't think anyone needs to learn how to become a digital nomad, and they certainly shouldn't be paying someone to teach them how to become a digital nomad.

I also do not like online coworking sessions. I find it more disruptive to my work than helpful, so I cannot in good conscience sell something I do not even like.

Lastly, my first failed startup was similar to a discount membership. Although not exactly the same membership model, it does mean that I have prior experience launching and ​growing such membership types.

What's Coming Next For ​Women Digital Nomads Insider Membership

Our mission is to make living a digital nomad and location independent life easy for women. In the months to come, we'll be bringing on more partners for the membership.

​If you don't see a brand you were hoping for, send me an email at hello at womendigitalnomads dot com. I love feedback!

Sign up for Women Digital Nomads Insider membership today and ​start saving!

​Chrys Tan

​Founder of Chrys Media, Hack Your Online Business, and Women Digital Nomads. ​​​You'll often find her speaking at entrepreneur and marketing conferences and running online workshops on Facebook marketing.

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