7 Best Cafes In Antigua With Wifi For Digital Nomads

As one of the most popular tourist and digital nomads destination in Guatemala, Antigua is populated with many cafes and restaurants. While even the fastest wifi speed in the country will not match up to the wifi speed you’ll find in developed countries, we have found these 7 cafes in Antigua to offer the best working environment for digital nomads.


7 Best Cafes In Antigua With Wifi For Digital Nomads


Samsara is the perfect place if you are looking for a healthy place for lunch while you work. Here you’ll find vegan smoothies, tofu tacos, healthy sandwiches, bowls and more. Although Samsara is opened till late, I do not recommend working there at night as the place gets pretty dim at night and candles are brought out.

The wifi consistently gets around 8.19 Mbps download and 0.77 Mbps upload.

6 Calle 7 Avenida #33

The Bagel Barn

The Bagel Barn is located right around the corner of the central park and is a nice and cosy place to work from. During the day, the cafe is pretty empty especially after the lunch hours. The bagels here are really good for Guatemalan standards, and watch out for their 2 for 1 specials.

The wifi is around 6.58 Mbps download and 1.03 Mbps upload.

5a Calle Poniente 2

Cafe Barista

Cafe Barista is a huge and popular coffee shop chain that reminds me of the Guatemalan equivalent of Starbucks. Located right next to central park and thus very popular with tourists, this is not the cafe to work out from if you need peace and quiet. There are several power points available so you would want to choose the tables close to the walls.

The wifi is around 4.78 Mbps download and 0.97 Mbps upload.

5a Avenida Norte 4

Rainbow Cafe

Rainbow Cafe is one of Antigua’s oldest cafes and a popular meeting spot for foreigners in Antigua. Besides being a cafe and restaurant, Rainbow Cafe also has a small bookshop and organizes different weekly events.

You can opt to sit indoors or in the courtyard, although the indoor area is dimmer. The wooden chairs aren’t the most comfortable although there are couches available. Still, this isn’t probably the cafe you will want to work out of the entire day.

The wifi is around 9.76 Mbps download and 1.01 Mbps upload.

7a Avenida Sur

Cafe Bloom

Cafe Bloom has one of my favorite cafe settings in Antigua, with its tranquil rustic vibe and quaint decor. The coffee and food is pretty amazing too, and I love the work spaces and power outlets available.

*Forgot to check the wifi speed here!

7a Avenida Norte

Union Cafe Antigua

You can definitely feel the healthy food vibe the moment you enter Union Cafe! Union Cafe serves certified organic Guatemalan coffee, delicious smoothies, and healthy food, as well as yoga Saturday mornings in the park. The wifi is pretty good here too and you could spend the whole day working here.

*Forgot to check the wifi speed here!

6a Calle Oriente 10


While we don’t usually recommend fast food places as work-friendly places for digital nomads (nor are we fans of fast food!), the McDonald’s in Antigua is on a whole different level.

There is a spacious garden with outdoor tables, although the wifi felt stronger inside the restaurant. Come during the day and the place is rather empty and quiet, while it gets noisier at night. Additionally, you could stay here all day and no one would even notice.

The wifi is around 3.40 Mbps download and 3.90 Mbps upload.

4a Calle Poniente 21


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Did we miss out on any cafes in Antigua? Let us know in the comment below!


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