The Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Digital Nomads Guide To Yogyakarta

Tired of the Jakarta traffic or of the tourists in Bali? Yogyakarta might be the happy medium you’re looking for in Indonesia! A city of half a million people, Yogyakarta has a range of accommodation options, cafes with reliable wifi, a variety of delicious eateries including great veggie options, and some co-working spaces have just come onto the scene.

A small city with a lot to offer, Yogyakarta is famous for being the cultural heart of Java, where batik, poetry and puppet performances are in abundance here. The UNSECO World Heritage site, Borobudur, is also only 2 hours away.

One of the things that makes Yogyakarta unique as compared to many other Indonesian cities is that it is a fairly walkable city with pavements and parks.

Situated in central Java, Yogyakarta is easily accessible by flight from many international cities including Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. You can also get to Yogyakarta by train from Jakarta and Surabaya and then by ferry to Bali.

Cost Of Living

It is very reasonable to live in Yogyakarta, and the cost of living is much lower as compared to other parts of Indonesia, for example, Bali or Jakarta.

Since the city is relatively small, it is very easy to get around town. You can catch a taxi, Uber, Grab, ojek (motorcycle taxi), bus, or simply get around on foot.

Exchange rate at the time of this article: 1 USD = 13296 Indonesian Rupiah

Here is a breakdown of the average prices:

Scooter hire: Rp 50 000/day (USD3.76)
Food: RP 15 000 - RP 100 000/meal (USD1.13 - USD7.52)
Fancy coffee: Rp 25 000 (USD1.88)

Accommodation: Rp 260 000+ /night for AirBnB (USD19.55)

Work-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes

Move On Cafe

Move on is a large two-storey hipster cafe, plenty of laptop friendly space and plugs available. Extensive menu, particularly sweet pizza toppings! Friendly staff and very reasonable prices.

Did I mention the Indonesians do hipster very well indeed? Get ready to decide exactly which Indonesian isle you would like your ice coffee from.

Fortunate Cafe

A small quiet vegetarian cafe not far from the train station, with fairly decent wifi and plugs at each table. Wide selection of tasty coffee from different Indonesian islands. Friendly staff, a bit thin on atmosphere but not a problem if you are busy typing away.

D’Omah restaurant

Located inside D’Omah hotel on the outskirts of Yogyakarta on the way to the villages, D’Omah restaurant is a tranquail restaurant with great wifi that overlooks paddy fields. A great menu, if a little on the pricey side.

Co-Working Space

At the time of writing there seemed to be only 1 dedicated co-working spaces for short stays.

Ruang Tengah

Only recently opened in 2017 and the place is run by Hendra and his team. This cosy co-working space feels more like you’re working in someone’s house, great wifi and friendly staff. There’s a refreshment place next door. Hendra is well connected in the co-working scene and can help you with your nomadic needs.

Daily Rp 150 000 - Weekly Rp 750 000

Top Things To See And Do In Yogyarkata

Kraton Ngayogyakarta

The tranquil sultan residence and the number one must-see attraction.

Pasar Prawirotaman

Always best to head to this fresh market in the mornings to get the best produce and to avoid the heat!

Leksa Ganesha Batik Gallery

You’ll be overwhelmed with the choice of batik in Yogyarkata, but if you’re looking for something a little different, I recommend taking a ride out to visit Tatang, a Batik artist come campaigner.

After working at Friends of the Earth Indonesia, he now uses his artistic medium to create compelling art on environmental issues facing Indonesia. There’s a huge array of Batik art at this cooperative, all created in the traditional way and there are many pieces using natural dyes. 10 % of all profits are donated to Indonesia’s environmental recovery and conservation.

Get a massage

There are plenty of options in this city. I personally found Green Host Boutique hotel a great spot for massages.

Places To Eat


A beautiful zen-like veggie restaurant with no wifi. Come here for the times you want to switch off.

This place is part of the slow food movement and proceeds go to supporting local youth initiatives. It is very centrally located and there is a very relaxed atmosphere once you step inside the garden. There is an extensive vegetarian menu available with western options.

Jl. Prawirotaman 4 No. 127B, Parangtritis


If you love mushrooms, you need to visit jeJamuran. This is a bonafide mushroom themed tourist destination with an overwhelming mushrooms-focused menu.

Jalan Pramuka No.53, RT.01 / RW.20, Niron, Pandowoharjo, Kec. Sleman

Art Kitchen Resto

Enjoy farm to table dining experience here in this environmentally conscious restaurant. This is also a great place for a massage and they often have very interesting art exhibitions going on.

Jalan Prawirotaman II No. 629, Brontokusuman, Mergangsan

Safety For Women Digital Nomads

I felt safe traveling in Yogyakarta, despite it being in the outskirts. That said, you would want to use your common sense. Be aware of petty crime like pickpocketing, especially in local city busses.

As this is a predominantly Muslim country, modest dressing is recommended. Try to avoid wearing short shorts or skirts, as well as sleeveless tops so as to show respect to the locals.

Get Your Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance whether you are a short term or long term traveler. Things can go bad suddenly and you don’t wanna get stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills. We recommend World Nomads.


After graduating in Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience, Sophia Cheng travelled for a year from London to New York, the long way round. She now blogs for ‘With Many Roots’ on the road. Follow her on Instagram @withmanyroots.


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