The Best Travel Accessories For Digital Nomads In 2018

Packing for a weekend trip is easy, but what do you need to pack when you will be working while traveling for a few months or even years? Here are our recommended best travel accessories for digital nomads.

The Best Travel Accessories For Digital Nomads In 2018

Best Backpack: Nomatic Travel Bag (40L)

Whether you are a fast moving digital nomad who changes cities every week, or a digital nomad who prefers to live in each city for months, your backpack is probably the most important item you will own (besides your laptop, of course).

The best backpacks for digital nomads are ones that include laptop pockets, have different compartments for different items, are extremely durable, made from waterproof material, and preferably suitable as a carry-on luggage.

We recommend the Nomatic Travel Bag because it meets all of the above criteria. When we first heard about The Nomatic Travel Bag on Kickstarter, we instantly fell in love with it.

The Nomatic Travel Bag is super functional, extremely durable as it made from Tarpaulin, suitable as a carry-on, and we love that it is light enough that our shoulders do not hurt from carrying the backpack for a long period of time.

One of our favorite features of the Nomatic Travel Bag is the ability to unzip the whole backpack like a suitcase. For those of you who have been traveling with a top loading backpack, you know how much of a hassle it is when you want to remove an item burried deep at the bottom of your backpack. Plus, the Nomatic Travel Bag comes with separate compartments for shoes, undies, cords, and even a RFID pocket that protects your credit cards and passport from data skimming.

Oh, and did we mention that the Nomatic Travel Bag comes with a laundry bag and a separate compartment for dirty clothes?

Best Daypack: Matador DL 16 Backpack

We always recommend that digital nomads travel with a main backpack and a smaller daypack that they can carry in front. If you are planning on checking in your main backpack at the airport or stowing it in the luggage compartment on buses, make sure to transfer all your valuable items to your daypack and carry it along with you.

Daypacks are also great for bringing along your laptop when you want to head to a cafe or a coworking space to work. It does not stand out like a laptop backpack and it also offers versatility if you want to use the daypack for a walk around town or even to go hiking.

A good daypack should be lightweight, big enough to fit your laptop, have compartments for different items, and be waterproof or water-resistant. Our recommended daypack is the Matador DL 16 Backpack (16L). The reason why we like the Matador DL 16 Backpack so much is because it is ultra-portable, lightweight, extremely durable, and the waterproof material keeps the items in the bag dry.

When we first got our Matador DL 16 Backpack, we were initially worried because it looked a little smaller and thinner than expected. However, this bag surprised us with how much stuff we can fit into it. It fits our 13 inch MacBook Pro, the charger, and a whole lot of other small items.

Best Packing Cube System: Standard Luggage 3 Piece Packing Cube Set

There is a better way to organize your clothes in your backpack and seasoned digital nomads know that packing cubes are extremely useful. As we move from one place to another, packing cubes help make unpacking and repacking super easy since you can easily remove one packing cube to find what you need instead of unpacking your whole backpack.

The Standard Luggage 3 Piece Packing Cube Set stands out for us because it is literally a packable dresser. The cubes come with interlocking velcro strips and can be attached together, and hung from a door or a closet hanger.

Using the Standard Luggage 3 Piece Packing Cube Set also allowed us to pack more clothes that we could have without the packing cubes. All you need to do is to tightly roll up all of your clothes, place them into the cubes, and zip up the cubes.

Having these packing cubes have changed the way we chaotically unpack to a much tidier and faster way of unpacking - and repacking.

Best Outlet Adapter: OREI M8 Outlet Adapter

It is impossible to travel without an outlet adapter since different regions in the world uses different plugs. Our favorite outlet adapter is the OREI M8 Outlet Adapter. It is compatible in over 150 countries and it also allows 4 different socket adapters to fit into this 1 outlet adapter.

We also like that there are 2 additional USB charging ports, which allows us to charge our phones while charging our laptops.

Best Battery Power Pack: Jackery Giant Power Pack

We cannot recall the exact number of times our phones have died on us while we were stuck on a long bus, train or plane ride from one place to the other - but it is not a nice feeling. Thankfully, we now travel with a battery power pack which ensures that our devices are always charged.

When choosing a battery power pack, the ideal power pack should be lightweight, extremely durable in case you drop it, fast charging, and has a high capacity so that you can charge your devices multiple times before the power pack needs recharging.

Our recommended battery power pack is the Jackery Giant Power Pack. We like this power pack because it is beautifully made with an aluminum casing that refuses to break apart even after dropping it multiple times - and drop it we did. The Jackery Giant Power Pack has the right amount of weight, and since it comes with a high capacity battery of 12000mAh, you can charge your phones five times over on a full battery.

A great combination of size, power, and price, this power pack is a great blend of all the things you should look for in a power pack.

Best Phone Case: IconSpeak Phone Case

Have you ever needed to use the bathroom in a foreign country but did not know the local word for it? After some frantic gesturing, you are finally understood and directed to the bathroom. Well, you can download translator apps onto your phone, or make it easier by simply pointing to any icon on the IconSpeak phone case.

We love that it is a phone case because you can conveniently have it with you all the time. The IconSpeak phone case comes with 33 universal symbols and range from bus, to repair to wifi. If you are looking for a place to eat, simply walk up to a local and point to the food symbol (hopefully you know the local word for thanks!).

Besides making it easy to communicate, the IconSpeak phone case is also made with high quality durable soft casing and an over-edge wrapping that provides the ideal protection of your phone.

Thinking of getting all of the recommended best travel accessories? You can do so with the No Borders Bundle!

Each pieceĀ solves a specific travel need, yet works well together by complimenting each other, hence creating the perfect bundle. For example, the Standard Luggage 3 Piece Packing Cube Set fits perfectly into the Nomatic Travel Bag.

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