Once a croudie, always a croudie (Croud is hiring!)


The following post is sponsored by Croud.

Croud are constantly growing in terms of new clients being enlisted and new members being recruited to the team, and are currently looking for digital nomads to join their team. They offer flexible home based working with full support from the experienced Croud team and competitive hourly rates, and gives you the flexibility of working the number of hours that you wish and when you want to.

Thinking of joining Croud as a Paid Social/PPC/SEO/Content/Analytics staff? Find out more about what it is like working for Croud with these interview stories from three of Croud’s current employees.

Stephanie’s story

Travelling is in my genes. I moved several times growing up, and I even chose to study abroad when that point in my life came. Never a decision I will regret!

While living in Spain, trying to improve my Spanish and specialising in SEM, I realised that the office life was not for me. So, I decided to leave Europe and head for a more quiet life away from the busy city lights, and I ended up in a small village in Indonesia. This spot was perfect in every way for me, and I was lucky enough to have a friend who knew about Croud and convinced me to sign up.

Even when the tasks are challenging, the Croud in-house team are very supportive and it wasn’t long before I got the hang of how it all worked. Since joining, I have had the pleasure of working on brands such as FitFlop, Co-op Bank, Findmypast and Moss Bross. What I love about working with Croud and these clients is that my suggestions are taken very seriously and I enjoy seeing them implemented.

Moreover, they are very flexible with working hours, and when I am travelling or a bit too busy, I simply send an e-mail and they sort out what work comes my way, keeping my requirements in mind. I will never regret my decision to change my life and work for Croud - swapping a crowded office for the ‘croudie life’.

You can read more about Stephanie’s story by clicking here.

Milka’s story

My relationship with Croud started over some friendly e-mails, and my first impression of them could not have been more right! Since working as a ‘croudie’ I have been able to enjoy a professional, interesting but most importantly flexible partnership with the in-house team. The Croud philosophy of “No such thing as a great agency, just great people IN agencies” is most definitely more than a phrase.

I’ve been a freelancer for 5 years and I think of it as a lifestyle. The first part of that word ‘free’ being key. All I need is Wi-Fi and my laptop. Moreover, working with Croud, I have really felt that they value my time as much as I do, leaving it up to me to decide what tasks I can and can’t do.

I was able to work with a variety of clients, in four different languages, which pushed me to challenge myself and learn all that I could about marketing and marketing strategies in different markets.

So far I have been able to enjoy working as a PPC croudie for markets in Germany, Sydney, Austria and the UK. I could not have asked for more even if I tried.

You can read more about Milka’s story by clicking here.

Cerise’s story

After 5 years in the UK I decided to move home to Taiwan for a much needed break. During my time in London I was a PPC specialist and loved being in the ever changing, exciting world of paid search. I didn’t want to miss out on the industry updates and any new developments so I started my freelance journey with Croud, officially as a ‘Croude’, once I was home. It was the perfect fit for my life change. It allowed me to continue working at a high level of PPC while enjoying the flexible hours that freelance work offered. It also allows me to put my local knowledge to use which is both liberating for me and beneficial for Croud.

Croud allows me to work with a variety of clients, my favorite being the Cambridge Satchel Company. This brand is looking to expand their foothold in the ever changing Asian markets, which requires local knowledge of tools such as Baidu. Hence, we were the perfect fit, as I could provide the necessary local insights to enable the brand to test their new, localised ad formats which have seen drastic improvements in digital presence and performance. Moreover, along with my help, the brand could provide localised and relevant content to the right audience at the right time.

Croud allows me to have complete control over my work schedule, and their briefs are informative and insightful. But best of all, I have received such a warm welcome from those working in-house at croud that it definitely makes the work worthwhile. I have even referred a friend!

You can read more about Cerise’s story by clicking here.

Becoming a Croudie can offer you the freedom to learn, travel and earn all at once. So why not give it a go and sign up today. Join our network-http://croud.com/work-us/ or send your CV to [email protected].

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