Meet Hydie Warwick: On London’s coffee shops & Being a nomad


This week we speak to Hydie Warwick, a musician hailing from London, England and self-proclaimed coffee shop crawler (like many of us!). She’s currently working remotely for a small team that helps tech startups expand their business by producing events and tailored week-long international business trips.

How long have you been a digital nomad a.k.a coffee shop crawler?

As we don’t have an office, I’ve been rinsing the wifi of every coffee shop in London this past year, occasionally tripping over to NYC, California, and Europe. Looking forward to extending my virtual office as I go traveling in Asia next year!

What is one work productivity tip you’ll recommend?

Get a good routine. I wake up early, exercise, do something fun (have breakfast with a friend / read something non-work related etc.) then start work at 9. Saying that, the great thing about nomading is flexibility, so late lie-ins can be great every now and then 😉

For digital nomad-preneurs planning on starting a business in England… In your opinion, has Brexit affected the business landscape in London?

I think there’s never a good time to start a business - there will always be risks and challenges of some kind. However, Brexit hasn’t helped - people are panicking and creating their own storm.

Give one local tip for a digital nomad passing through London.

Check out Ziferblat in Shoreditch, it is a great place for newcomers. Everyone there is so friendly, you’re bound to make some new friends!

Your top 3 cafes in London for working (if you really had to choose!).

Husk Coffee in Limehouse, East London. The Workers’ Cafe in Homerton. And of course, Ziferblat in Shoreditch.

Husk Coffee

Any advice for aspiring nomads?

Nomad life can be quite lonely, so be sure to keep a full calendar. Also keep an eye out for digital nomad meetups to meet other nomad types.

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