Podcast interview with Yasmine Åkermark, co-founder of Tibba app


We’ve previously talk about how much we love Tibba, as it lets you imagine a world where you could get anything that you want just by simply helping others. For those of you who have never heard of Tibba, it is a modern bartering app that allows you to trade your skills and not bills.

This time, we caught up with Yasmine Åkermark, the co-founder of Tibba, and ask her about the launch of Tibba in Dubai, the reason behind their success getting press coverage, getting funded on Kickstarter, traveling and her thoughts on Brexit.

We had an extremely fun and rich conversation, and I hope you enjoy it. Please do say hi to Yasmine — she’s very active on Twitter at @YasmineAkermark.

00.05: Tibba’s launch in Dubai

04.36: Why it took them more than a year to launch Tibba

06:16: Getting press coverage for Tibba pre-launching

08:24: Having a successful Kickstarter campaign

12:13: Why digital nomads should use Tibba

16:02: Remote working: the apps the team used to communicate remotely

18:08: Traveling tips for women

20:45: Thoughts on Brexit and how it is affecting Tibba


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