Retreats & Camps


We bring together a talented community of 50 creative professionals to work and travel together. The community focused co-working travel program explores four diverse cities, living one month in each city.

Hacker Paradise

We organize trips all over the world for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who want to travel while working remotely or focusing on personal projects.

Project Gateway

Over a period of 30 days, 20 adventurous entrepreneurs live and work together in an inspiring and luxurious location.

Sunny Office

Sunny Office offers coworking holidays in sunny places with a group of authentic and passionate freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

Remote Year

Remote Year brings together a community of 75 digital nomads from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities around the world.

DNX Camp

Coworking & coliving for digital nomads: Join DNX CAMP in the most beautiful places in the world. Let's do sports, fun activities and live a healthy life.

The Remote Experience

A 4-month program that brings together up to 30 remote professionals to work, live, and play in 4 countries.

Coworking Camp

A sunny six-week retreat for startup founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and digital nomads to gather in a four-star hotel in a Mediterranean city, bounce start-up ideas off each other, and escape the cold European winter.


Workations and adventures for entrepreneurs.

Southwest Collective

A coworking retreat that includes accommodation, healthy food choices, energising coffee and pure unadulterated meaningful experiences, in the company of an amazing group of people from all over the world.

Wifi Tribe

This year, we embarked on a co-living/co-working expedition. Every month, we choose a different city to call home. We are inviting a diverse mix of young, wild and free, location-independent professionals to join us anywhere along the way.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 offers you the opportunity to Travel + Work Remotely with a Community of Remote Working Professionals for either three or six months.

We Roam

We Roam curates trips around the world for carefully selected groups of adventurous remote workers who want to pursue their love of travel, without putting their careers on hold.


Work with like-minded, motivated and inspiring entrepreneurs in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Bali, Indonesia.


Collaborate, innovate and create with fellow Coboaters aboard one of the most inspirational coworking environments in the world. Detach from land.

Nomad Cruise

One ship. 200 digital nomads. 30 events. And a lot of code.

WiFly Nomads

WiFly Nomads is a 2-week life-changing retreat that takes place in Bali, Indonesia where you will learn everything you need to know to help you successfully become a digital nomad.


YonderWork is an international community experience for remote workers which combines travel, coworking, and professional development.