Home to the world's second-tallest tower and skyscrappers, Shanghai is China's biggest city and a global financial hub. Its heart is the Bund, a famed waterfront promenade lined with colonial-era buildings. Shanghai's colonial legacy combined with Chinese culture has created a unique fusion of East and West. Shanghai's gorgeous night scene is also one of the city's main highlights.

Check out the art galleries, which offer a window onto contemporary Chinese concerns. Shanghai's music and club scene is exploding, and you'll be able to find a venue that suits your music taste.

Shanghai is a generally safe city, expecially when compared to western countries. Women digital nomads will feel comfortable in Shanghai as the city is largely cosmopolitan. Be careful when you are trying to cross the road, even if the pedestrian light turns green.

Shanghai weather is generally mild and moist, with four distinct seasons - a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and an overcast cold winter. The best time to visit Shanghai would be during Spring, which is from March to May.

Coworking Spaces in Shanghai

People Squared

50 Yongjia Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu


Room 8518, Floor 5, No.687 Dong Da Ming Road

naked Hub

3/F, 1237 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu


659 Fengyang Lu, near Fengxian Lu

Agora Space

Rm 402, No 1, 1199 Fanyu Lu, near Kaixuan Lu


322 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu. Near Changshu Lu subway station.

Cafes with wifi

Don't want to work at a coworking space? Check out these cafes with wifi instead.

Places to exercise

Century Park

An excellent place for a jog. It's green, reasonably clean and there is a lake.

Reebok CrossFit MeWellness

A certified CrossFit gym, and the only Reebok CrossFit box in China.

Yoga Garden

A community centered yoga studio in Shanghai’s Former French Concession.