How To Overcome The Fear Of Living A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

“What if I get lonely?” “What if I don’t find enough work?” What if I run out of money?” What if I hate it?” “What if…..”

We all face self-doubt before any big decision or life change and question the consequences - we would be foolish not to. But what if your doubt prevents you from saying yes to new adventures and the chance for greater fulfillment.

For many, their fear of the unknown is holding them to jobs that no longer provide any meaning, cities they want to escape from, and a lifestyle at odds with their aspirations. As a reader of Women Digital Nomads, you will already know that you want to break from the ordinary and forge your own path to success; You’re a dreamer and explorer with the practical freelance skills but perhaps you too are finding it hard to commit to something new.

Here are my five steps to building the confidence to escape the ordinary:

1. Tune in

Understand the root of your fear. The next time self-doubt and negative thoughts come into your mind, don’t try to suppress them and instead, listen up. Pay attention to the specific concerns or worries and see if you can address them practically. Also, a great trick is to list out the worst case scenario of making the change - be very specific - and then list out the worst case scenario if you do nothing and stick with the status quo.

2. Recall

Remember your past moments of bravery. I guarantee that you have been brave before, public speaking, going for an interview, doing anything outside your comfort zone. You’re much braver than you think! Commit a few examples to memory and reflect on how you felt afterward once you had taken the plunge.

3. Self-Talk

Create a mantra. Choose a phrase that gives you confidence and tackles your negative thoughts head on, for example, “I’m kick-ass at what I do - clients have told me so - and I’m excited for a new challenge.” Repeat this phrase to yourself 10 times each morning. If any negative contradictions come into your mind, again, listen up, address them and edit your mantra.

4. Small Goals

Split your next steps into bite sized chunks. Rather than focusing on the final step, map out a timeline of everything you need to prepare to achieve your dream and set small goals and deadlines. For example, updating your website, researching destinations, booking a flight. Celebrate each time you achieve a goal and move one step closer.

5. Share

Enlist peer pressure. If you pick the right crowd who you know will be encouraging and supportive, peer pressure can be a positive force. Commit to taking the plunge and tell a small group of friends and family. This will hold you accountable. You may also want to work with a coach, or find support from the Women Digital Nomads community.

Katie Evans is a Life and Career Coach at Pressing Escape.


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