Want to feel safer while traveling? Use these 5 tools and gadgets.


Being a digital nomad is a rewarding lifestyle, and is mostly less stressful than working a 9-5 job in a cubicle. However as women travelers, we are often more than not more cautious about our safety than our male counterparts.

Thankfully, there are tools and gadgets in the market these days that help to keep a digital nomad safe on the road.

1. Safety Clip by React Mobile

React Mobile lets you get help fast with a click of a button on the safety device or on the app. It lets you build your own custom list of contacts you trust the most, so that when an alert is sent, your network is notified of your GPS location and that you need help.


2. Find ER app

The Find-ER app lets you find what hospitals are nearest you with a simple tap on the map.

In the United States, EMNet find ER app is the fastest, most reliable emergency room (ER) finder on the app market today. The findER app will locate the closest ER with just one click by using the most comprehensive national ER database available.

3. Scream Alarm apps

Apps like Scream Alarm, SOS Siren Alarm, SOS Whistle are meant to scare away attackers by pressing a button that releases a loud female scream from the app.

4. Emergency Phone Numbers app

This is a useful travel app that lets you know the emergency numbers of 196 countries in one app. It also allows you to make calls from within the app, although that requires a cell reception.

5. Door Stopper

While hotel and hostel rooms may come with door locks, they can be easily picked or opened by intruders. The basic rubber “door stop” is a simple and good idea to prevent someone from entering your room while you are asleep.

How do you stay safe while traveling? Do you use any safety apps or tools?

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